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Listed here are some links to our favorite fan fiction writers. The links are primarily for writers of Stargate and Highlander, but I've expanded them to include a few recommendations for Blakes 7, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Wars, X-Files and more. More to come!

I've tried to give you a brief description of the kind of stories each author writes (including whether or not they write slash, adult or strictly general audience) as well as a brief explanation of why I picked them for inclusion here. Exclusion of any particular writer should not automatically be construed to mean that I dislike their writing. If you have a favorite that you think I've left out, write me and point me to their work. Perhaps I haven't read any of it yet!

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Julie Fortune -- Julie is a professional writer and the quality of her writing is consistently high. She’s written some brand new, wonderful Stargate stories. They run the gamut from gen to Sam/Daniel and Sam/Jack but they all feature wonderful characters with quite a nice emphasis on Daniel.

All of her Highlander stories feature Methos, sometimes in conjunction with Richie, sometimes with Duncan, and sometimes with Amanda, as well. Darius also figures importantly in the timeline of her stories, as do Rebecca, Cassandra and Kronos. In short, no matter who your favorite character is, you'll probably find something to like in one or more of Roxanne's stories. If Methos is your favorite, you are in for a rare treat.

Roxanne also writes stories in several other fandoms. I've begun to sample Roxanne's various X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories and can already say that they are some of the best that I've read online or in zines. Her original short stories also aren’t to be missed. What can I say? Read all of her work!

Most of the stories at this site are suitable for general audiences; some are adult in nature. I don’t believe she has any slash posted. Julie Fortune: Fanfic for the Fearless!.

Julie has also been published in some of our Stargate fanzines. To find some information about these zines, check out our fanzine site.


Sylvia Volk -- Sylvia writes some of the most lyrical and historically accurate prose I've ever encountered in fandom. To the best of my knowledge, she is not a professional author...but I wouldn't be surprised to find her professionally published in the future. Her stories focus mostly on Methos, with a consistent timeline running throughout her various pieces. In the past, we are treated to several Horsemen stories, involving Kronos, Caspian, Silas, Cassandra, Rebecca and others. In the present day, Sylvia writes wonderful stories involving Methos' relationship to Duncan and several women that he's known in more recent times. All of her stories are suited for general audiences, although there is some violence and gore in many of the flashbacks. It shocks me that Sylvia's work is not more well-known in the fannish reading community. Run out and read some and see if you agree with me! Sylvia Volk's Fan Fiction.

Janeen Grohsmeyer -- Janeen is another fanfic author who writes wonderful historically accurate fiction. She has a rare knack for incredible descriptions (something that is often lacking in fan fiction) and a talent for imbuing her stories with an epic feel. Her characters come alive and the scope of history in her tales leaves you wanting to know more, more, more. She's written some wonderful short stories, many of them focusing on Connor, Duncan, Methos, and/or Cassandra. Some of Janeen's stories contain explicit heterosexual sex, but they are clearly marked, and in some instances you can view a PG-rated version. You can find her stories at Janeen's Highlander Fan Fiction. She also has a whole special page set up for her epic Cassandra novel, Hope -- Cassandra to the Ultimate Power.

Tanja Kinkel -- Tanja is relatively new to the world of fandom and fan fiction, but in her native Germany, she is a professional author with many published books to her name. Although it is relatively easier to tell with her earlier work that she is not a native English speaker, her recent work is growing more and more flawless. Even her earlier fiction is well-written, nicely plotted and contains some great ideas and dialogue. Best of all, in my opinion, Tanja recognizes the potential in all of the characters, not just the mainstream ones inhabiting her stories. I must admit a prejudice toward Tanja's series of post-Archangel stories. The first in the series draws on many ideas which Leah and I espoused in our novel, Then the Night Comes, even while Tanja writes an original adventure of her own. The two follow-up stories carry her own universe forward with some intriguing twists and turns. You can find her stories at Voices and also at The Seventh Dimension Fan Fiction Site listed under the author's name.

Cathy Butterfield -- I finally have someone to recommend to those of you who love Joe Dawson! I've read very little fan fiction that actually does justice to our favorite Watcher. Perhaps I simply don't belong to the right lists to be exposed to some of the Joe fiction which must be out there somewhere. At the moment, I'm about to finish a very interesting novel by Cathy called Risk. Joe is very definitely the hero of the piece, with Methos and Duncan as very important supporting characters, along with several new and intriguing original characters. Cathy has a great sense of detail in her writing, although I found some parts of the novel too rushed or skimmed over. Overall, though, it's a great read with some great twists in the plot. You can find her stories at Janeen's Highlander Fan Fiction and also at the new (very nice!) site called Voices.

F F Calliope -- The "Delphyne" series of stories by this author, as well as a couple of others set in the modern day are extremely explicit adult (heterosexual) fare involving bondage and such. I don't ordinarily find these kinds of stories interesting, but this author is consistently good, the sex is hot, and her original character, Delphyne, is well-developed (her history...get your minds out of the gutter!) and interesting. I've heard this character described as a "Mary Sue" type before, but in my view, she doesn't fit the description at all. She is fallible and she is fleshed out and developed as a character in her own right. Methos is the other main character in the series and there is much angst throughout as he attempts to leave Kronos and his Horseman past behind. The two non-Delphyne stories involve Methos in the modern day and a rather unique twist on how he actually manages to indulge his love of "slavery." You can find these stories at The Methos Boxer Brigade Fan Fiction Site under the author's name. While you're there, check out the rest of the Methos Boxer Brigade site. It's a lot of fun (and I get to be Cassandra's Champion!).

Tiffany -- Tiffany has written quite a lot of stories over the last year or so, but my favorite is still "The Causes Remain." This is a wonderful, angsty Duncan and Methos piece. Some of Tiffany's work is suitable for general audiences and some of it strays into the slash range. I believe that all stories are clearly labeled so that you may easily decide which ones you would like to read. Her work is still a bit uneven overall, with some stories showing more detail to plot consistency and thoroughness than others, but I think she is a fantastic writer with great potential. She's also another writer who gives great attention to historical accuracy and detail. (Do you sense a theme running through my recommendations here? I love fiction that shows attention to character, descriptions, and historical accuracy and detail.) Most, if not all, of her stories tend to focus on Methos and Duncan. You can find Tiffany's stories at The Methos Boxer Brigade Fan Fiction Site under the author's name.

Jeanne Rose -- Jeanne is a writer whose work I only recently discovered. Alas, many of the stories at her site are "unfinished," but what is there is prime material. Most of her stories focus on Duncan, with Connor, Richie and Methos often involved. If you love Methos, don't miss out on "Black Sand," a wonderful, angsty story about Methos and Cassandra following the end of "Revelation 6:8." The story also brings in many of Methos' memories of Alexa. Jeanne has a great touch with characterization and with description and setting a scene. You can read Jeanne's stories at Jeanne Rose's Fanfic Site.

Mairead Triste -- Mairead was published only in fanzines until fairly recently but now you can find several of her stories on the web. Her tales focus on Methos and Duncan, with the emphasis definitely on Methos. Kronos and even Cassandra figure heavily into some of her work. All of her stories are very explicit slash and tend toward the "dark" spectrum of angst, hurt/comfort, and even rape. She writes brilliantly, with a great eye for detail and a turn of phrase that leaves you wanting to reread many of the scenes. The sex is often very hot, too. I particularly like the emotional angst in much of her work. You can find Mairead's work at The Seventh Dimension Fan Fiction Site listed under the author's name.

Sandra McDonald -- Sandra is pretty well-known in fannish circles so there are probably very few of you surprised to find her listed here as one of my favorite authors. Her stories tend to focus on Richie and Methos, with more of an emphasis on Richie, I would say...although Methos does get to take center stage in a number of her stories. She's also written several stories which highlight Connor and Duncan is not ignored in her work, either. Sandra's greatest talent lies in description and setting a scene. Her scenes in foreign locales are brilliantly written and atmospheric, really giving you a sense of the time and place where the characters find themselves. Methos fans won't want to miss her World War II trilogy. All of Sandra's stories are suitable for general audiences. Sandra McDonald's Fanfic Stories.

Teresa Coffman -- Teresa has written two absolutely angsty and brilliant sequels to Sandra McDonald's World War II trilogy mentioned above. They are short but pack an emotional punch. Both of them focus on Methos and Duncan in the aftermath of Comes A Horseman. You can find Teresa's work at The Seventh Dimension Fan Fiction Site listed under the author's name.

Deborah Block-Schwenk -- Deborah wrote one of the best Cassandra short stories I've read, expanding on the history of Cassandra and the Horsemen and dealing with Cassandra's feelings (and whereabouts) immediately following the end of "Revelation 6:8." The story is called "The Survivor," and is suitable for most audiences. Deborah also has a Duncan/Methos slash story archived at her site which fans of that genre might enjoy. You'll find Deborah's work at The Starfurry's Lair.

Pat Nussman -- Pat has consistently been responsible for some of the best in Blakes 7 fan fiction, both on the web and in fanzines. Over the years, I've published many of her stories and have been proud to have her work represented in my publications. Most of Pat's stories are suitable for all audiences. You'll also find fan fiction from Star Wars, Sandbaggers, Deepspace Nine, Remington Steele and Frisco Kid at Pat's Fan Fiction Site.

Jean Graham -- Jean is another author who I have admired over the years, primarily through a familiarity with her Blakes 7 stories, although she has written in many other fandoms. Jean is now archiving many of her stories on the web for your enjoyment! All of Jean's stories are suitable for all audiences. You'll find fan fiction from Battlestar Galactica, Blakes 7, Dark Shadows, Forever Knight, Hawaii Five-O, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Outer Limits and Star Trek at JeanB7's Home Page.

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