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Witchcraft and the character of Cassandra go hand in hand in the Highlander: The Series universe. Her first appearance on the show was as the "witch" of Donan Woods in the episode "Prophecy." From that episode we learned several things about Cassandra: she was at least four hundred years old in the present day; she had an affinity with wolves (specifically a white wolf in the Donan Wood flashback); she might have shape-changing abilities; she had the ability to employ a "magical" voice; she had powers of divination; she could make her cottage invisible to others and she also could let out with a pretty good banshee scream! She was living in the Scottish Highlands and the symbol of the Triple Goddess on the stone outside her cottage indicated that she had some background in the Celtic druid beliefs. When Cassandra reappeared in the episodes of "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8," we learned that she was, in fact, three thousand years old or older and that she grew up as the daughter of a tribal healer somewhere such as the Sinai or Arabian desert. Again, we were shown her use of a "magical" voice, although it didn't appear to work very well against Kronos!

In honor of Cassandra's connections to magic, both ancient and modern, this page will contain information and links about magic, Wicca (the modern day revival of Goddess worship), and ancient shaministic and druidic practices.

The Myth of the Goddess -- The myth of the Goddess is very reminiscent of the descent of Inanna into the Underworld from ancient Sumerian mythology. You'll find the modern Wiccan version here. The story seems very appropriate for Cassandra, given her connection to Methos…who was once known as "Death"!

A fantastic, detailed site with information about the Triple Goddess, Wicca, Incense, Moon Lore, Stones and Crystals, Divination, and just about everything else mystical that you can think of! Click on the logo above!

Here you'll find a wonderful article about the Magickal Properties of Gemstones as well as a fantastic selection of original, handmade silver and gemstone jewelry. Click on the logo above!

Tween the Shadows…and the Stars -- Another site with some great information about Wicca and magical traditions. Lionrhod wrote the Magickal Properties of Gemstones article mentioned above, so you can also reach it from this site.

Celtic Pagan Traditions -- A beautiful site with all sorts of links and information about…Celtic Pagan traditions of every description, including a Library of Witchcraft.

The Pagan Federation -- Information about Druid, Wiccan, Nordic, Celtic, Eco-magic and women's spirituality groups, as well as general pagan groups. European based, but their pages have lots of interesting information about different pagan traditions.

Circle Sanctuary -- A non-profit Nature Spirituality center serving Wiccan, Shamanic, Goddess, Druidic, Celtic Mystic, and other Pagan folk worldwide. Their work is multifaceted and includes networking, publishing, research, spiritual healing and counseling, education, sponsoring gatherings, Nature preservation, religious freedom activism, interfaith dialogue and multicultural cooperation.

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