Cassandra's Timeline

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"Cassandra. Her name is Cassandra... I know you wouldn't forget her. Long hair. Green eyes. A body that would stop your heart."

Roland Kantos, "Prophecy"

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Alas, we know very little about Cassandra, even though she appeared in three episodes of Highlander (and had a bit of a cameo in a fourth). Here are a few of the dates in her approximately 3,000 year life that we do know:

Approximately 1000 BCE

Cassandra is born and adopted by Hijad, a healer. She grows up, learning from Hijad, in a nomad tribe. The locale is never given but appears to be somewhere such as the Sinai or the Arabian desert. When Cassandra is an adult (we are never told her age), her tribe is invaded and killed by the "Horsemen." We later learn that the Horsemen were Methos, Kronos, Caspian and Silas. Cassandra is stabbed by Kronos and suffers her first death. She is taken prisoner by Methos and remains as his slave for an undetermined amount of time. When Methos allows Kronos to take her from him one night, she stabs Kronos and escapes into the desert.


Duncan MacLeod is born in the Highlands of Scotland

May 1, 1606

Cassandra meets 13 year old Duncan MacLeod in the Donan Woods and saves him from Kantos, who is searching for him.

June, 1996

Cassandra comes looking for Duncan MacLeod, convinced that he is to fulfill a prophecy regarding a great "evil one." She thinks the evil one is Roland Kantos and she begs Duncan to help her by fulfilling the prophecy and killing Kantos. Duncan does eventually kill Kantos. (Events of "Prophecy")

October 31 -- November 8, 1996

Cassandra returns to Seacouver, but this time she isn't looking for Duncan. She is hunting Kronos, who had murdered her adopted father and village 3,000 years ago. Unfortunately, she also runs into Duncan's friend, Methos...who had been one of Kronos' companions all those years earlier. At the end of Revelation, Kronos, Caspian and Silas are all dead and Cassandra, at the last moment, spares Methos' life. But, when she walks away from Methos, leaving him sobbing on the floor, we never see her again except for a brief cameo appearance in the episode "Archangel," where it is speculated that her prophesy concerning a great "evil one" who Duncan must fight might have referred to Ahriman, rather than Roland Kantos. (Events of "Comes A Horseman," "Revelation 6:8" and "Archangel")

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