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Why Ancient Egypt on a Cassandra site? We know little of her history and whether or not she ever spent time in Egypt is open to speculation. We know from the Watcher Chronicles CD and from the Highlander novels that Methos spent time in Egypt at numerous stages of his long, long life. In the flashbacks for "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8," we are never told exactly where Cassandra and her nomadic tribe were living, or where she might have later traveled with the Four Horseman. However, the Watcher CD identifies her original home as "the Arabian Desert." In our series of Highlander novels, Leah and I have speculated that the Horsemen actually found her tribe in the Sinai. I think it is safe to assume that the Horsemen traveled throughout the areas of Egypt, the Sinai, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and the Arabian Desert. Wherever Cassandra escaped to when she fled from the Horsemen, it is very possible that, like Methos, she eventually ended up spending some degree of her three thousand years in Egypt.

In the future, we hope to feature essays, pictures and other items of interest on this site. If you think you have something to contribute, please don't hesitate to write to us. For now, we've compiled some interesting links for you to enjoy!

Links To Ancient Egypt Sites

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Ancient Egyptian sites. There are far too many for me to even begin to compile them all for you and others have already done a fairly complete job (and you'll find links to some of those jumping off points here). These are some of the sites I personally have bookmarked and that I find interesting.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo -- No set of links would be complete without including a visit to the premiere Egyptian museum of the world.

 Cassandra's Herbal Lore -- Right here at the Donan Woods site, we have several original articles about herbs which were used in ancient times. Check out our articles on Woad, Hops, and the newest one on Myrrh as well as our various links to herbal and magical sites.

Irene Parfums -- Carrying forward the theme from above, exotic fragrances from the ancient world are the focus of this site and you can order myrrh and many unique blends here. Even if you aren't interested in ordering, the information on ancient scents is fascinating.

Online Hieroglyphics Translator -- You can translate words and phrases phonetically into hieroglyphs using this handy dandy site. Bear in mind, though, that Ancient Egyptian was not primarily an alphabetic language so, although these kinds of translators are indeed using genuine hieroglyphs and their phonetic value, the Ancient Egyptian spelling of a word would probably be quite different. In actual fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of known hieroglyphs--many more than the few phonetic ones in use in these kinds of translators.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs -- This site provides a little mini lesson in how hieroglyphs work and also offers you an opportunity to translate phrases (phonetically) into hieroglyphs. (See my note from above regarding the alphabetic use of hieroglyphs.)

The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian -- Carrying forward the theme of the above two links, here is an excellent essay speculating on how the ancient language was most likely pronounced.

Tour Egypt -- This is the Official Internet Site of: The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt and The Egyptian Tourist Authority. The site is huge with travel resources, antiquities resources, a Pharaonic village (a living history of Egypt), Egyptian recipes, information about diving in the Red Sea, and much more. The king site immediately below is one of the many links to be found at this site.

Egyptian Kings -- A list of Egyptian kings, by Dynasty, including links for many of them to more detailed information.

Mrs. Wahl's Ancient Civilization Links -- An absolutely huge, exhaustive collections of links about the Ancient world (not just Egypt). In fact, there are many links I haven't bothered to list directly here because you'll find them all at this site!

The Ancient World Web -- The Ultimate Index of all things ancient!

The Luxor (in Las Vegas!) -- My favorite hotel in Vegas and, in fact, in all of the United States. This site has gorgeous Egyptian graphics and lots of information about the hotel, including an on-line gift shop. Leah and I spend just about every Thanksgiving at the Luxor. Duncan, Methos, Joe and the rest of our cast of characters all stay at the Luxor in our novel, Touched by Magic.

Ancient Egyptian Religion -- This site focuses on the religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt, including information on the deities, the symbols, and the myths. You'll also find links to other sites.

Neferchichi's Tomb -- Lots of fun with imaginative Egyptian graphics for downloading, information on mummies, Ancient Egypt, digital e-postcards and more.

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt -- One of the best magazines about ancient Egypt, easy for the layman to understand but full of fascinating and up-to-date research and archeology facts. Patronized by professional and amateur Egyptologists alike! This is their online site where you can see some samples of their back issues.

Egyptology.Com -- A very interesting, unique site with some homosexual studies. Here you can explore THE TOMB of NIANKHKHNUM and KHNUMHOTEP in the necropolis of Saqqara that has intrigued some Egyptologists because of its problematic treatment of its two male occupants, manicurists to king Niusere of the 5th dynasty, find out about unusual symbols and figures from Egyptian mythology, link directly to KMT, learn about Egyptian love poetry and more.

The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archeology -- This site is run by the University of Memphis. You'll find a color tour of Egypt, an exhibit of artifacts and links to other Egyptian sites.

Virtual Egypt Tons of photos, facts, articles, links and more about Ancient Egypt.

Valley of the Ancients -- This site has information on ancient civilizations, magic beliefs and prophecies, gods and goddesses and much more.


If any of these links aren't working, please let us know. If you have a website that you think fits the theme of this page and you'd like us to provide a link, please write to Ann at the address below! If you'd like to link to us, please write us and let us know! Thanks!

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