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"The Donan Woods -- things happen there!"

Neal MacLeod, "Prophecy"

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This site is dedicated to the character of Cassandra, the Witch of Donan Woods, from Highlander: The Series, and, by extension, the actress who portrayed her, Tracy Scoggins. Below you will find links and articles on herbal lore, Celtic history, Wiccan and Witchcraft, original cartoons by our resident artist, Leah Rosenthal, pictures of Tracy, reviews of fan fiction, book reviews and more! The links near the bottom aren't all active yet but we are constantly working on them and updating the site. Why not bookmark us and check back often? If you would like to add anything to our site, please e-mail us! And please do sign our guest book while you're here so we know you stopped by to visit.

Check out the main Ashton Press page for links to all of our sites, cartoons, photos, fanzines and more.

Be sure to check out our Ebay auctions to find tons of long out-of-print fanzines (Star Wars, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Forever Knight, Blakes 7, Highlander, Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica, and much more!), photos (including candid shots of the stars), books, videos and much, much more. Iím going to be posting some Highlander cartoons and artwork, too.

The Rysher Highlander Forum, for those of you who donít know, is long gone, so if youíre looking for it and donít know whatís happened to everyone, hop on over to the Holyground Highlander Forum. Thatís where many of us are posting now.

There seems to be some confusion about who to contact about what. All of our websites are maintained by me (Annie) so any website questions should be directed to me. If you are interested in artwork, including commissioning a piece, Leah is the one to talk to.

Tracy Scoggins News

Iím working on updating the site now that weíve moved to our new server. Many of the links will be updated and/or changed. If you have any news to contribute about Tracyís upcoming appearances on TV, the movies or at conventions, please let us know. I will be adding a lot of photos of Tracy that I took at the Highlander Reunion convention in Los Angeles.

We met up with Tracy at Dragoncon in Atlanta! You can see photos of her there at our Dragoncon site.

Book Reviews Ė Book reviews related to fan series such as Highlander, Blakes 7, Babylon 5, fannish activities, and other subjects that fans might found of interest such as ancient history, mythology, Celtic lore, Cassandra of Troy and so on.

Cassandra's Timeline -- We know very little about Cassandra, but here is what we do know. A big thank you to Janeen Grohsmeyer for providing some recent updates.

Who is this Cassandra person anyway? -- Essays, rants and discussions on the character of Cassandra as well as information on the "historical" Cassandra. We're also archiving any fan fiction essays and rants here, as well. We're working on the "Generic Cassandra Defense." If you'd like to contribute (for one side or the other!), please e-mail us.

Tracy herself on Cassandra (from the September 1999 issue of Femme Fatale): "I think we saw her frailties as time passed...while that character seemed to be good and strong and kind, there was this sense that maybe she was getting a little bit tired of having been around for so many centuries. I think her heart had taken quite a few piercings and after all that time, it was pretty scarred."

Ancient Egypt -- We haven't had a chance to put any original articles up at this site yet, but we've started compiling some great links on Ancient Egypt for you.

Cassandra and Witchcraft -- Within the Highlander universe, Cassandra was shown to have very strong links with some form of mystical powers. Check out our new site devoted to Wicca, paganism, and mysticism.

Top 10 List of things Cassandra would like to do to Methos...but Duncan won't let her! To see Cassandra's revenge on Methos and Kronos, click HERE!! (Hint: Never make a witch--or a cartoonist--angry!)

Cassandra's Herbal Lore -- Here you will find articles about WOAD and HOPS as well as links to other sites containing information about herbal remedies and the like. Our newest article (contributed by Leah Rosenthal) is about Myrrh.

Cassandra and Methos Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Cassandra's relationship with Duncan and with Methos is an integral part of her appearances on Highlander. Click here to see some of Leah's wacky humor regarding the situation.

Cassandra Fan Fiction in Fanzines -- There are Cassandra stories out there and some of them don't even end up with the poor woman losing her head! Here are descriptions of a few we know of. If you have a zine or story you would like listed, please let us know!

Cassandra Fan Fiction on the Web -- We're actively looking for Cassandra fan fiction to link from this site. Have you written a story? Have one to recommend? Please get in touch with us and let us link to your story! Weíve added quite a few new Cassandra stories to our own fiction site, as well: Fan Fiction at Ashton Press.

Reviews of Cassandra Fan Fiction -- Have you read a story, either on the web or in a fanzine, which features Cassandra? We'd love to feature your review(s). Write us with your opinions and recommendations and we'll add them to a review page!

Fan Fiction Recommendations -- This page lists some of our favorite Highlander writers to be found on the internet. It is not a review site like the one above. If you don't want to read critical reviews (which might be good or bad) but simply want recommendations, this is the place for you. It's also a nifty place to find links to some of the best Highlander writers around (in our opinion, of course). The recommendations are not limited to writers of Cassandra stories.

Tracy Scoggins Pictures from conventions (including Anaheim) and the like. Also check out our Dragoncon site and the Reunion pictures.

Tracy has an Official Home Page! Check it out! You can apparently contact Tracy care of Jenn Fletcher.

Thereís also a really nice fan site dedicated to Amanda and Cassandra: The Raven and the Witch

The Internet Movie Database site for Tracy Scoggins has her filmography and lots of other information: Tracy Scoggins Filmography

Hereís a short biography with pictures of Tracy. And hereís an interview with Tracy that originally appeared in Odyssey magazine.

We donít currently know a valid address for writing to Tracy Scoggins. If anyone knows an address that fans can use, please let us know.

Tracy Scoggins' Fitness Tape -- Tracy majored in Physical Fitness in college and she has produced a fitness tape. I've seen testimonials from other fans who claim this tape actually did help them lose weight!

Celtic History -- We haven't had a chance to put any original articles up at this site yet, but we've started compiling some great links on Celtic history for you. Check them out!

That Old Guy Cassandra Loves to Hate (Methos!) -- Here are some links to other areas of our massive website that focus on Methos and/or the Four Horsemen. We've also included some links to other areas of the web with heavy Methos and/or Peter Wingfield content. If you have sites to recommend or would like us to link to your site, please let us know!

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